About his boooks

“Novels are more savage. The ‘Angry Balkan’ took me four years. The same with the ‘Pigs in the Wind’. I usually write when I am cornered and in a very bad psychological state. The writing of a script is, on the other hand, generally much easier work.”

“Mimis Bokomolech was a character from the novel ‘Pigs in the Wind’ – a heroic, fictional, rock and roll performer of the popular 50’s live stage ‘Green Park’. And since guys like ‘The Bokomolech’ read me, (a Greek underground band that adopted the name) it means that the ‘Pigs in the Wind’ did not fly in vain. At one point, another music group, the ‘Amos’ incorporated Argyris’ monologue from the ‘Sweet Bunch’ into one of their pieces. While there may be a distance between us, I can see them on clear days sending me their warlike signals from the other side of the hills. And that’s good.”

“The ‘Angry Balkan’ is an autobiographical novel. I’m one of those people who can’t invent, can’t make up stories. I’m not a storyteller. Whatever I’ve written, even the darker plots such as ‘Euridice BA2037’ and ‘Morning Patrol’, are things that burst out of my inner being.”