For those moles walking around with a stiletto in their back

“As far as the younger generation goes, I don’t think they recognize my name and my work. Of course, there was a time when I honestly felt an actual connection between myself and certain people out there and that, in a way kept me going. Since then, however, much has happened, among which I bowed out and left them somewhat hanging.”

“The price of being different is also our reward!”

“For the record, an exotic island is what we call an island without cops. The once exotic islands of Anafi and Samothrace are now crawling with cops, but no longer with losers. The losers are traveling in the ‘here no more’.”

“As for those who are unrepentant and still dreaming about nicotine traces on women’s fingers, of moist eyes and a hoarse voice, they’ll have to wait a bit until they meet with the decadent figure of Lizabeth Scott in greener pastures.”

“Just when we felt somehow trapped between Angelopoulos’ films and the slapstick comedy ‘Safe Sex’, those of us that tried to do our own thing, realized that a fair number of the public was interested and wanted to seek out our films.

So I depart with some hope.”