About his colleagues

“During the period I was preparing ‘Morning Patrol’ my telephone rang and I heard an, unknown to me, voice saying: ‘My name is Katsouridis, I’m a Director of Photography and I’d like to shoot your new film’.”

“Before I started to work with Dinos Katsouridis I already had very seriously in mind that he was not only a great Director of Photography, but also a very good Film Director. My acknowledgement of this established the foundation of the finest and most fruitful collaborations I’ve ever had.”

“Dinos Katsouridis is relentlessly demanding, uncompromising, innovative, dangerously intelligent and intuitive, unexpectedly sensitive with a rare personal vision, an enlightening presence, loving, companionable and above all ‘the man who never sleeps’ and for that I hate him greatly!”

“Contemporary Greek cinema owes a lot to Dinos Katsouridis. He himself owes it nothing.”

“Yannis Angelakas (the actor, singer and music composer of “Loser Takes All) kills his character every evening and in the morning, with a huge memory gap, he starts off clean and pure. That alone is a survival kit.”

“What I like most about Angelakas is that, when you see him going about his everyday life, you’ll say: now he’s going to drop dead on us, he’ll totally collapse, an absolute wretch. However, just as he comes on stage, he transforms into a monster and he lets it rip.”

“Yannis Angelakas, although a singer, has a terrifying innocence and also the talent and ability to take direction in a way that you don’t find in many actors. He has deep sensitivity.”