The movie against the pretenses and the long-awaited
documentary “Directing Hell” of Christos Chouliaras now in Blue Ray High Definition.

Language: English, Greek, French (With English subtitles)

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He’s coming from the past and is almost dead.

Singapore Sling is the “broke, homeless and friendless” sort of guy, who is always chasing after lost causes bearing women’s names, which lead to nowhere.

His goes by the name of Laura and he met her years ago. Although he has a hunch that the girl he is looking for has been dead for years and that he is in love with a corpse, he continues to search for her.

One rainy, stormy night, wounded and with nothing more to loose, Singapore Sling arrives at a house, believing that Laura may be there. But in the darkness of the night and around an open hole in the garden, two women are trying to bury a dead man… and Singapore Sling, with a bullet in his shoulder, can’t do much.

With the hope that Laura is still there, he waits till daybreak to enter the house.

Yet things don’t turn out the way he expected.

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Runtime: 115 min
Language: English, Greek, French (With English subtitles)
Color: B&W
Printed film format: 35mm
Aspect ratio: 1.66:1
Sound mix: Mono
Athens, Greece, 1990