Nikos Nikolaides is an acclaimed film director and author from Greece. He has produced and directed eight feature films, most of which awarded in the Greek Thessaloniki Film Festival. He has also written 3 novels and directed more than 200 T.V. commercials.

He is famous for creating controversial characters in his films that have a rebellious attitude towards the social and political status quo. His filming was poetic, dynamic and aesthetically beautiful in order to present situations on edge and elicit his audience’s feelings.

He illustrates a dark and pessimistic present and future, but providing ambiguous hope for the end when his heroes find their escape in death.



Directed by: Christos Houliaras
Written by: Stergios Pashos, Christos Houliaras

Producer: Theodora Valentis
Produced by: Marni Films

Sound: Aris Athanasopoulos
Camera: Thodoris Mihopoulos

Editor: Aliki Panagi


Cinematic Documentary or Documenting Cinema

Our aim is to transfer his dynamics in a documentary that will convey some of his messages and create a platform for exchanging opinions about his work. We intend to build a dialogue between his film associates throughout the years, actors and actresses, cinematographers, musicians and film critics.

We are interested in documenting the reactions of some of his contemporaries and younger directors, who may have had the need to express the same fears in their films, and we would like to find if there is anything in common between them and N.N. who was always ahead of his time.

Finally, we will make an effort to decipher his universe and his symbols as reflections of his unique and rare personality. As he used to say, “My films and my books are not extensions of my life but its representations. Yes, I am always filming the same film… in different versions… and I love it all, from the beginning to the end!”


ΕΦ. ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ – 19.03.2013