“The young audiences love me, not because I am ‘angry’, as some claim, but because my films never prevented them from questioning me. Also because I consistently refused -an act which they appreciated- the bargain priced crutches that were being supplied for years by the ‘proper’ European, intellectually progressive elite. I rejected the game of offering and terrorization, even when it came from the audience sometimes, because it was a game of power. This is how the government views cinema and of course, it’s a well-known fact that the government never goes to the movies.

As far as being ‘angry’, I don’t accept it as a characterization of myself since my ‘frequency’ has been swamped by static from various phonies who give interviews (every weekly glossy magazine has to host and support one of them). They vulgarize everyone and everything without offering any suggestions, while claiming an area that is particularly clean, that doesn’t belong to them and which they certainly do not represent.

And, mercy on anyone genuine who falls into the trap of becoming a celebrity without ever wondering which decision-making bodies have stamped them with their celebrity brand of being a: lone, angry, cursed anarchist, etc. This is a question that will appear relentlessly in front of them, the moment they discover that celebrity can sell but can also be sold.”