Summertime, August, 40°C …

Michael is a thirty something, undergraduate from Komotini University. His cousin, who is vacationing on the islands, has offered his “cooler” apartment to Michael who is spending his time looking for a job.

One day, the doorbell rings and Patricia, a strange American woman appears, looking for his cousin. She’s carrying two heavy suitcases, she speaks only English, and she looks desperate. Michael speaks only Greek and he doesn’t want any trouble. But despite their communication problem, he can’t resist the attractive stranger, so he makes the grand mistake of feeling sorry for her and letting her spend the night in the apartment… As soon as she’s asleep, Michael goes through her suitcases and is shocked by the discovery of it’s contents… Early morning, they are woken by the persisting sound of the door bell.
It’s the police…

This is the start of Michael’s troubles, but also the start of a love affair.
One that will lead both very far…

N. N.


Directed by: Nikos Nikolaidis
Written by: Nikos Nikolaidis
Produced by: Dourios Yppos
Cast: Lakis Lazopoulos, Meredyth Herold, Mirka Kalatzopoulou, Hristos Simardanis

Camera: Andreas Sinanos
Sound: Argyris Lazaridis
Executive Producer: Nikos Sekeris
Art direction: Marie-Louise Bartholomew
Sets-Costumes: Bianca Nikolarizi

Music: Puccini: O mio babbino caro, L. Delibes: Lakme, Albinoni: Conc. IX No.2, Telemann: Konz D-dur, Haydn: Trio No 1, Patric O’ Hearn: Indigo, Righteous Bros: Unchained Melody, Muddy Waters: Manish Boy

Athens, Greece, 1993


Explaining “the mistake”…

Mistakes are like failed love affairs- you reminisce about them, tortured by the fact that they were never fulfilled, but you wouldn’t ever wish to relive them again… Bearing the reality, that the televised screening of this “mistake” movie, received a viewing of 57.6%, only proves how big my mistake was.

N. N.