About Himself and Others

“I speak when I have something important to say. Otherwise I’m very lazy. I believe I am more creative in my laziness.”

“I’m not a competitive person. Not at all. It doesn’t interest me. Wherever the word competition exists, I walk away.”

“Certainly, others have helped me maintain my integrity. It is not entirely my own creation.”

“Dependency disturbed me…I think I may have betrayed some people in order to feel more lonesome, more complete, more independent and free to express myself.”

“Let’s say that I, from an early age, realized that if my imagination didn’t coincide with reality at all, I’d be unhappy. Therefore I did whatever I could to turn my imagination into action.”

“I may sound a little arrogant for saying this but for as long as I can remember myself, I ‘lived in I ‘lived in movies and novels.

I never walked down known paths. I was beside them carving out my own way. That’s how I got by.”

“I think of Hell as an exquisitely erotic place. Of course, I believe in Hell as a solution. If we ever manage to establish it in the here and now, that would be something wonderful.”

“I will limit myself to saying that we are discovering our own personal paradise just to validate our decision to live in hell. This is the reality. Hell is our home and we feel very comfortable and special in it. For those who disagree, there are also the sea side meat taverns.”

“When a relationship started to evolve into an ordinary one, I’d have to either leave it or insert elements from films and literature to enhance it so that I could go on. Otherwise it was of no interest for me. This leads, to a kind of schizophrenia, if you will, but I am a schizophrenic, so what?”

“The good thing about my colleague and wife is that she disapproves of me on all levels especially when I stain her clean tablecloths with sauce or leave the lights on in the toilet. She belongs to a different world and is very, very positive. She is an extremely calm and grounded person and when one plus one makes two, then all is well. However, when one plus one makes three -which is usually the case for me- that’s when she runs off. When she sees our films after four or five years, she realizes the value of the work we had done and revises her opinion. I usually convince her that I’m paying no attention and when she’s right, I generally present her view as my own and end up infuriating her.”

“I am repelled by the fact that to keep up with this era which is developing in senseless and disorderly ways, I too must take huge, and equally disordered steps… On the other hand we must all realize one great truth: our lives are only worth ‘a dime a dozen’ and can be taken from us at any moment. When we become aware of that, then all those values hanging in grandmas picture frames will resume their positions once again. Love, brotherhood, companionship… Anyone I see coming round the corner I consider to be a potential murderer. Because that’s how it is and if all this becomes consciousness, then we’ll surely meet again.”

“The way they express themselves -along with their trivial panic attacks- defines the size of their stature. There were only a very few who offered to help me. The rest? Perhaps instead of being theater-people should have been scalp hunters …”

“I have put forward an extremely well-honed cynicism behind which I’ve hidden. It seeps into those who do not have the ability, willingness or the tools to go beyond and interpret what lies behind it. They get stuck at the cynicism and there they lose everything. ”

“When you go to a Festival and want to draw some attention, there’s a certain ‘procedure’. Contacts, public relations, gifts, cocktail parties are what you do. We, don’t do such things, for God’s sake.”

“…Then again, I’m a person who never took himself seriously. It was only when I started to make enemies that I began to believe I was on to something important. I finally managed to get over that. Fortunately, nothing is happening.”

“The dead are among us, the door to the ‘Other Side’ is always open. The thing that concerns me is the love, and that these people come and go together… The dead will die if we forget them but what exists beyond that? There, if we love, we’ll go together…”

“In my opinion a woman is both a heavenly and, at the same time, destructive creature. A baby vampire. Perhaps for most people she’s simply a life form in the production chain. The women I know are demonic beings. They have the right to everything and I like them like that, even though they pin me against the wall.”

“When a man finds harmony within himself, he will stop fearing women. He’ll relax when he realizes that they are something different than him, something which is continuously shifting and which doesn’t fit into any mould. I don’t hate women for their enormous abilities, I am simply sad to see that these amazing creatures have been disillusioned, have been ‘ironed flat’. This disturbs me very much.”

“A reporter once asked me: How is it that a non-conformist like you, goes around dressed so refined, and I answered that the way fashion is nowadays, it’s hard to distinguish a student from a cop. And so, by going around ‘refined’, I don’t put anyone in that dilemma.”

“I’ve never been concerned about whether I’ve been wronged or not. I can say that my work was not subject to revenge or unfairness. Even if they wanted to judge it unfairly, it wasn’t possible. Whatever I wanted to do, I did.

“At 19 I already felt 80 years old…then somewhere near 40 it seems like I kicked the bucket, as close friends were kind enough to inform me… Now I live out of sheer momentum – but, just between us, who doesn’t?”

“I’m scared of death. This is obvious. The lack of freedom to live as one chooses, bothers me at this particular moment. The daily betrayal… This is why those who commit suicide are seen as the system’s anti-heroes. Who’ll be the consumer and who’ll serve in the military then? Administration prefers to patch up the frame than to scrap the wrecked car.”