About Society

“Of course, I mocked the hippie ideology the way it was expressed in our country. Tourism was all they were doing. You know what it’s like to have a semi-stoned, big-assed member of the Second PanHellenic (Greek communist student organization) approach you in the foyer of the ‘Alkyonidas’ theater and assault you with ‘Let’s go fuck?’ Ok, we’re talking pure horror. Or those vile, upper class girls with the ‘Indian mirror work’ dresses that collected signatures for the Baader-Meinhof gang! How to deal with the communist youth that had now envisioned themselves in the ‘high’ life and ‘tuned in’ to music somewhere between ‘Tzavella’ (a popular left wing vocalist) and Jim Morrison. Let alone the patchouli ‘Che Guevara-ists’ and other ‘sackcloth’ types, all shacked up in chic neighborhoods for weeks, feasting on cakes full of hash and smoking hookahs with milk, only to freak out and attack each other with screw drivers in the end. Behold the gates of enlightenment!”

“My generation, which had been silenced, was in a strange position. We had no parliamentary voice and that’s why our attitude was also wild, non-partisan. I never became a member of any party. The left-wing call me right and the right, a communist…”

“So, are we now blaming an entire generation for adopting foreign ways, by copying heroes from films? Let’s not forget that this was the generation which took to the streets to demonstrate for Cyprus, but which had the intelligence, something that none of the following generations had, to know and understand that Cyprus was never going to become Greek.”

“Certain artists used the period of the Junta (dictatorship) as an excuse. That supposedly something was progressing. What was progressing? We had ‘the boot on the throat’. The ‘Angry Balkan’ was written during the Junta. I didn’t publish it though.”

“We are living in the Era of Trash.”

“Societies and institutions are under a nonstop crisis and uncontrollable development. The intellectuals (who and how many are those anyway?) are in a constant stupor. They ‘awaken’ only when given the command to support and endorse the confusion thus making the crisis profitable.”

“We urgently need weapons and enemies to measure up to again! Because we have died and no-one has informed us.”

“At one time, as the KKE (Communist Party of Greece) we tried to donate those who opposed the state terrorism to the Right. At another time, as the Right, we branded them deadbeat-anarchists. So, now that we have all found ourselves united, why don’t we just hand them over to 17N (the known terrorist group) which is ‘in’ and hip and noir…”

“Eight years before the end of the 20th Century, I wouldn’t want to burden the already present confusion with my own foggy testimony. However, I’d like to point out the absolute triumph of state fascism, the permanent installation of ‘stereotypes’, of GMOs, and finally the successful transplant of the TV mind-control system into the backbone of society.”

“In the period which we are living in, everyone must integrate his personal nightmare into a collective nightmare and start to process only that. I and my personal hell must take a back seat.”

“I consider myself exceptionally fortunate because I am fully participating in an era where the most nightmarish of my adolescent visions have become a reality. I live under Project MKUltra, happily enduring every type of microwave mind control -the older folks will recognize this as something like ‘The Manchurian Candidate’- at night I glow like an ‘exit sign’ from all the uranium I swallow and have at my disposal. I do not know how to drive a tin crate with four wheels but I do log into the Internet and I have TV streaming channels on a panoramic screen. Now I am trying to learn not to turn down nights at the Music Hall, the State Palace and strolls in the alternative neighborhoods of Athens. I have however, met people more flipped out than I and we all decided to make a film together, it was to be called: ‘The Loser Takes All’… -That’s strange stuff, you may say- …and so the Winner takes what?”

“Horribly justified that the nightmare continues onwards to where I had expected, I have nothing more to say.”